Reader Breeder programme for Children

Vinu sachin’s Reader Breeder programme

A much awaited session to cultivate reading habit in children – a weekend session

Date August 29 and 30th 2009.

How many of our children enjoy reading nowadays? How many of the children have the chance to enter the world of imagination of poems, stories and novels in either their mother tongue or a foreign language?

As parents you should be aware that reading is essential for the children as it helps them develop initiative, originality and character, besides providing varied entertainment instruction and invaluable experience. Reading also enables the children to see possibilities, alternatives and options that they could not see before. Reading books lay sound foundation for a better tomorrow. Yet little is being done to promote reading habits among the children.

Excessive homework, and absence e of stimulation by parents and teachers are some of the important reasons for lack of reading habits among children.

Television further takes away most of their spare time. Unimaginative and uninteresting test books diminish the children’s interest in books.

Parents and teachers are prime source of inculcating good reading habits among children and making them avid, willing and responsive readers

Thirst for reading books should be generated at a very young age itself. We should not wait till the children grow up but start familiarizing them with book right from them the young age. It may not be possible to arouse their interest once they grow up. Recommending or providing right kind of books to children is equally important. Reading habit, like other habits, has a direct link with the kind of exposure and experience the children get in the early years. If a child is bought up in an environment of books it is likely to develop love for reading books.

We aim to provide this to your children from the age group of 5 to 18 through our interactive programme. We have the faith that the Habit Of Reading is not difficult to acquire.Once acquired the awe and delight of the child at discovering his/her ability to read leads on to the wonderful treasures that lie sleeping in books.To instill the”Reading Habit” at an early age not just routinely

but passionately -that is the goal of this project. How then do we make children get into the reading habit ?

The answer is

The Reade Breeder Programme for Children


This is a multilevel reading program prepared through years of working with children and helping them to read through the unique and simple practice of storytelling.

Interest in books in instilled in children in this programme through four key words, story telling, reciting poems, introducing theatre concept, reading and familiarising them with the beautiful world of books..