When one ask a child in primary school, what would the child likes to be, or who would the child like to be, he/she might have given us a ready answer without even the flicker of an eye.  As children get older, they discover that choosing a career is a complex, multi-step process. It requires learning about oneself and the occupations one is considering. It is confusing or rather nerve wrecking when they see the world of options around them. They will crave for a proper guidance a ‘somebody who knows it’ to help them out. We are venturing to do that, to think
from their point of view, to see from their perspective and to help them move forward from there.

Not all choices for higher studies are linked to the academic background they have laid down. Then there are those that are suited only to individuals with a certain temperament or talent. Some options are very academically demanding, while others are more personality-oriented.
We are covering all these aspects gradually.

Higher Studies Options for +2 Humanities Students

Institutions offering Advertising and Entertainment Degree in Chennai